Gold Bar Nature Trails is a private member owned camping club. Members 
purchase memberships which give them exclusive rights to the use of a 
specific site within the park. There are 1200 membership sites within our 273 
acre park.  Members do not own their sites, rather they own a 1/1200 share of 
the park.  

Each site has their own electrical, septic and water hookups.

Prospective members should contact the sales office for information on 
available sites. Non-members are allowed in the park only as a guest of a 
current member or with a member of the sales staff. Normally there are 
between 20-40 available sites at any time, ranging from empty lots to ones with 
RV's and storage buildings.

Gold Bar Nature Trails requires potential members to complete a membership 
application;  undergo both a credit check and Washington State Patrol 
background check; and have an interview with the membership committee.  

Things to keep in mind when considering membership:

  • Annual dues are $1,000 a year - invoiced quarterly
  • Each site has its own electric meter and members are charged for actual usage and a shared amount for common areas
  • All RV's and motor vehicles in the park must be currently registered
  • Members may use their site a maximum of 270 days per calendar year
  • Once a month, members must leave the park for a continuous 24 hour period or move to a second trailer on a separate site