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Gold Bar Nature Trails



Currently the fire danger is medium.  Campfires are ALLOWED as of 12/14/2017.

Call 1-800-323-2876 or1-800-595-4341 for more info on when burn bans are in effect.  Or you can go on the for up-to-date burn ban information.

Emergency siren testing

The park will be testing the Emergency Siren at noon on every second Saturday of the month.

Volunteers needed throughout the park

Some ways you can volunteer:
* help in the kitchen on Saturday or Sunday mornings - 8 am - 11 am

*** Information for vendors & those performing work in the park ***

Effective April 1, 2017  vendors, businesses or individuals coming into the park to perform work on members' sites must be registered with the office.  Exceptions to this are businesses delivering propane, medical supplies or regular deliveries to the park.

Vendors will be required to sign into the office with their business/individual name, member name and site number. They will be issued a placard to be displayed in their vehicle at all times plus a keycard to let them in and out of the gate.  The keycard MUST be returned upon leaving the park or there will be a $50 fine assessed to the member.

Vendors/individuals will be allowed in the park during the hours of 9 am to 4:30 pm. Any exception to these hours requires the member to notify the office.  

Members should notify the office in advance of any businesses or individuals coming in the park performing work when the member will not be present.  If a member is having a friend, family member, etc doing work (i.e. building, cleaning) when the member is present they can be signed in as a guest in the normal manner.

Adult Club House Library

Please remember that food and/or drinks are NOT allowed in the upstairs library in the Adult Club House.